Royal Exchange Hotel, Burra, SA


LEASEhold & BusinesS

Price REDUCED, NOW ONLY $80,000
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Royal Exchange Hotel has 8 pokies, a great front bar, an alfresco area, an excellent dining room and a fantastic beer garden with a play area for children. Private quarters and guest accommodation are all fire rated. It has a strong local trade and is also well-patronized by people traveling to and from Broken Hill.


This hotel is a popular tourist destination as Burra is a historic copper mining town. The website history says:

Home for the world-famous Monster Mine of Burra, what a town! Burra's Market Square looks so much part of the 19th century that it features in the film Breaker Morant. Crowds of Cornish miners no longer sprawl out of the pubs for fist fights and wrestling bouts, instead it is a relaxed, quiet and historic place for a getaway.

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